Today’s world is ever-changing, complex, and sometimes filled with uncertainties and stress. Though exciting, at times, numerous life transitions may also create emotional distress. Dr. Labat utilizes scientifically-supported treatment approaches to address a wide array of difficulties that emerge across the life span. Through individual and group therapies, Dr. Labat partners with adolescents and adults to create and bolster coping skills while highlighting strengths in order to navigate through difficult times.
Dr. Labat specializes in the following areas: Maternal Mental Health (preparation for pregnancy, during pregnancy, after delivery, and/or pregnancy loss) with women and their significant others, Eating Disorder recovery, and Parent/Child Relationship Difficulties during the teenage years. Dr. Labat also conducts psychological/psychoeducational assessments.
“My goal is to help those seeking support return to healthier and more adaptive lives. Because psychotherapy involves a significant commitment, I also provide additional forms of support, such as group therapy, family therapy, and psychological/psychoeducational testing.” – Dr. Labat

Ph.D., Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Clinical Psychology/The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
Been in Practice Since