Healing is my passion. I choose to be a therapist after working in so many environments where people just needed someone to listen, or to help them cope, before tackling life’s other challenges. I have often been told that I am “easy to talk to”, and don’t enjoy seeing people suffer, so I choose to be an inspiration. I want my clients to feel safe and comfortable when working through their difficulties, but also challenge them to make meaningful change where they want to see a difference. My goal is for each person to reach their individual goals.
As a Clinical Social Worker, I not only provide counseling and therapy, but also resource linkage and referral. I work with individuals, families, couples, adolescents, and adults. I specialize in child welfare, including foster care and adoption, mood disorders and personality disorders, parenting, life changes and adjustments, and relationships.
Counseling or therapy can be a huge step for clients, so I first build a relationship with my clients, get to know them and their experiences, and let them identify what changes they want to make. I believe clients’ strengths, values, and beliefs are a huge asset impacting their success. Please EMAIL for fastest response!

Master`s Degree, Social Work/Norfolk State University
Been in Practice Since