Often in life it can feel like there are many barriers we have to break through. We feel like all the pressure is on us and sometimes we do not feel supported, seen, or understood. We may doubt ourselves. We have the pressure of career, children, relationship, and it can be exhausting, not to mention overwhelming. However, we do not have to break those barriers down alone! Our goal is to help our clients understand self-love, compassion, and assist in problem solve and create a safe space to overcome the barriers in life. I specialize in working with underrepresented populations. To Book: https://breaking-barriers.clientsecure.me/
My goal is to empower clients to live a fulfilling life they truly love! I am passionate about working with military personal, women issues, & providing a safe space for men seeking to explore their emotions. I integrate a collaborative approach & am competent in strength-based solution focused therapy, system theories, and I am client centered.
Life is a journey and we do not have to travel the roads alone to our destination. On this journey, together, we can explore what strength and skills you need to reach your desired destination while gently leaving behind the bags that no longer serve us.

Valdosta State University
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