Healthy Healing Counseling Services focuses on adolescent girls and women’s issues. The mission of Healthy Healing Counseling Services is to provide a safe place for female adolescents and women to heal from life’s hurts and trauma so that they can be healthy and whole and reach their highest potential.
At Healthy Healing Counseling Services women and adolescent girls are provided the tools needed to navigate through life’s tough situations. I work from a solution focused, client-centered approach, where I assist clients with identifying the deep rooted problem and help them make the necessary changes internally and externally to become healthy and whole.
I know the path to healing isn’t easy. Let me be apart of your journey to becoming whole. I am accepting new clients and I look forward to working with you so that you can heal today so you can have a better tomorrow.

Wayne State University Master of Arts - MA Counselor Education/
Been in Practice Since