Therapy involves collaborating together to identify your strengths and to develop effective solutions to the issues, patterns, thoughts and actions you are experiencing in your life. I strive to provide clarification, encouragement, interpretation and information to facilitate you working toward your desired goals. Our emphasis will be on here-and-now choices to re-orient yourself to the present rather than just exploring the past. We all have an underlying drive to reach our maximum potential; I see therapy as a tool for uncovering that drive and finding self-actualization and my role is to encourage you in that exploration.
As a therapist specializing in depression, anxiety, relationships, and addiction, I appeal to people struggling with feelings of hopelessness or helplessness, excessive anxiety, fatigue/low energy, low self-esteem, concentration or decision-making problems, mood swings, couple or family relationship problems, parenting issues, or over-reliance on alcohol/substances.
I also specialize in working with younger children/adolescents and empowering parents for better family dynamics. I offer online scheduling and evening/weekend appointments and reduced rates to clients who have out-of-network insurance.

PHD in Counselor Education and Supervision/University of Louisiana
Been in Practice Since