Is it ever difficult to understand your child’s behavior or your teen’s angst? Do they speak a language or behave in a way you find challenging? Children from infancy through adolescence can seem unmanageable at times causing parents to feel overwhelmed and powerless. Why continue struggling? If your child is having a difficult time at home, in school, or with friends, I can offer insights and recommendations as well as provide a safe space for everyone to learn respectful, meaningful communication directed toward positive change. Let me help you and your family get there together.
In working with children and their families, I have developed experience with infants, parent-infant play and feeding interactions, teen pregnancy and teen parenting, court-ordered or volunteer parenting groups, academic concerns and IEP advocacy, pervasive developmental disorders and Regional Center advocacy, crisis counseling, divorce, couples, adults and family work.
I have a strong interest in the theory of attachment. The quality of attachment in the relationship between a caregiver and child provides valuable information about how future relationships develop. Understanding attachment can help with children and their behavior; parenting ability; and adult interactions, either in friendship or in romance.

Master’’s Degree, Clinical Psychology/Pepperdine University
Been in Practice Since