At CIC I provide counseling services that are informed by the contextual backgrounds of your life (i.e. – race, culture, gender, faith, family dynamics, etc.), and adapt the therapeutic process accordingly. Most of my work involves addressing symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, and interpersonal conflict with individuals, couples, and families. While also being intentional to deconstruct and challenge the impacts of oppression on the lives of marginalized communities.
In our work together we will seek solutions that fit within your story and value system. My approach involves deepening client stories to encompass not only areas of struggle and victimization, but also areas of triumph and survival. My ultimate hope is that clients feel empowered to live authentic lives unbound by societal standards of who they “should be.”
I truly believe that the stories we tell about ourselves, and the stories that society tells about us, have the power to uplift, demean, liberate, and confine. I am passionate about getting to the heart of your story, your healing, and your liberation. Visit my website to schedule a free phone consult, and to see if I would be a good fit for your needs.

Master of Science degree from the University of Massachusetts Boston in Family Therapy
Been in Practice Since