All things to All People is a multifaceted community service agency that takes a holistic approach. Our professional staff are qualified to assist clients in effectively utilizing and seeking services that will contribute to their success. Clients who participate in therapeutic interventions will experience mental, emotional, familial, and individual wellness. All things to All People is not your typical community service organization. We utilize creative and innovative interventions that foster and promote self-efficacy, community knowledge, and personal empowerment.
All Things to All People supports families by providing: *Individual/Family Counseling, Parenting Education, Life-Skills Cultivation, Behavior Management, Self-regulation/Coping Skills, Domestic Violence Education Victim/Child, legal mediation & Support Groups (when consistent participants are available)
We envision the empowerment and enhancement of individuals, families and community through counseling, education and advocacy. Reach out and let us know how we may support you!

Master of Social Work (MSW),/Indiana University
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