I’m Dr. Delishia Pittman, Founder & Clinical Director of The Wellness Collective. I applaud you for taking this brave step toward finding support to work through the issues that concern you most. It is my personal belief that humans have an innate capacity to heal and orientation toward growth. I subscribe to an integrative multicultural orientation and rely heavily on the language and interventions of relational cultural, feminist and psychodynamic theories. I work to establish a sense of felt security and empowerment with the goal of managing presenting concerns and fostering growth and wellbeing.
I enjoy providing support to individuals using an intersectional framework, exploring the contributions of race, class, age, gender and sexual orientation to the development of self, career, and relationships. With unique expertise in psychopathology, I work with clients to prioritize and (re)establish mental health.
My practice centers on creating a supportive atmosphere rooted in safety, mutual respect, and open communication where we are able to address your presenting concerns in order to deconstruct experiences that have overwhelmed the mind and body, allowing healing to occur.

PhD, Counselling Pschology/ University of Georgia
Been in Practice Since