Relationships are the foundation of our lives. Relationships can be ever changing, The change in a relationship can be expected or unexpected. Marital, pre-marital, family, work, friendships, parenting all have a impact on your life. You may have become stuck in a relationship where you feel you can’t grow, or a relationship you would like to salvage, or you just want out. Your relationship does not have to involve a person, you can have a relationship with gambling, alcohol abuse, diabetes distress, or stress. You want to challenge whatever relationship you have that impacts your life outside of your vision for your life.
Currently, I use as a base Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for clients with depression and anxiety. For life coaching I use., The Seasons Of Change model or Purpose Clarity. The focus of the tools that I use are to motivate, increase coping skills and develop a plan of action. You will make decisions in your relationships in a assured and authorative manner.
You are an unparalleled individual. You will be treated as being like no other person. This means that someone can appear to be having the same life transition or behavioral problem but needs to be assisted in a different manner. Whether you are being seen as an individual, family, couple, or group, your plan will be tailored to you. I am ready to assist.

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