I work with clients who are tired of knowing how to help other people, but feel absolutely powerless when it comes to helping themselves. They give out advice that changes other peoples lives and then do the exact opposite of what they tell others to do. They are well aware that they need to “just do it”, but they just don’t know how to do it themselves. My clients are extremely critical of themselves, afraid of making mistakes, and feel like gigantic frauds that are about to be found out. All they really want to do is now how to be consistent and do the things they spend hours daydreaming about doing.
I can help because I can give you the same thing that you give all the other people in your life who you help, and what you cannot get yourself, and what I must get from my own therapist. A relationship with someone who builds you up when you are putting yourself down. You need a teammate, a cheerleader, and sometimes a coach. #thesituationaltherapist
I know exactly how you feel lol. It almost feels silly saying it, but I do. If you decide to work with me, I promise to give you answers that you yourself have not thought of. I will show you solutions that you yourself cannot see, and I will help you become your best self for you instead of others. Start the journey of being nice to yourself today.

Master’s Degree Marriage and Family Therapy/Counseling/University of Louisiana at Monroe
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