Are you feeling overwhelmed and unable to balance your work, personal and family life? Are you concerned that your relationship with your spouse/partner is stagnant or full of conflict? Are trust and communication issues ruining your relationship? Do you feel unmotivated or sad all the time? Do you find yourself wanting to be happy, but unable to find the key to happiness? As an individual, couples and family therapist, I work with clients through different stages of their lives to help them find the right balance to happiness and success.
I believe that therapy is a process, and the most important part of that process is how we connect with one another. I, like others, believe the relationship between patient and therapist guides the healing process therefore it is my goal to provide a safe place, with no judgements, where you feel heard and understood.
When working with a couple, my aim is to help each partner develop the communication skills needed to get his/her needs met in the relationship. When working with an individual, my aim is to help you to regain balance and stability in your life that will lead to happiness.

MSW, Clinical Mental Health/University of Maryland
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