My ideal client would be someone who is open, willing and ready to begin work on healing and is dedicated to the process of change. This includes any individual, couple or family who has relationship, familial or faith issues. peoples of all ethnicity, cultural/sub-culture backgrounds, of diverse socioeconomic status, of any faith or agnostic/atheist, any sexual orientation or political affiliation. I work with many individuals from the music, acting, modeling and the entertainment industry as well as young professionals, people in the medical, STEM (science, technology and engineering and mathematics) and health fields.
The goal of Davis Christian Therapy is to provide accessible faith-based therapy to people with trauma, acculturation issues, history of sexual abuse (adults), as well as single-parent families, young couples, veterans with PTSD, and seniors. However this is not a comprehensive list of all the mental health conditions that I treat.
My passion for therapy with couples and families comes from a strong desire to help restore families and thereby, communities and ultimately our society..….healing is a journey. Meet me here, where people are not seen just as clients, but as unique valuable individuals bearing the image of GOD.

Master of Science in Psychology./California State University
Been in Practice Since