During the therapeutic process, I challenge clients with the statement that I am “Daring You to Be YOU!” This challenge of personal acceptance is designed to help individuals to evaluate their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to determine what is hindering them from achieving their goals. As clients go through the therapeutic process, they learn to develop the intimacy (in-to-me-I-see) needed to develop the strength to face life’s challenges. The ideal client wants therapeutic support in acknowledging personal triggers, defining happiness, developing healthy relationships, and identifying areas for personal development.
Denial, regret, condemnation, and all other forms of negative emotions are roadblocks that hinder clients from successfully reaching personal development. My goal is to help client’s develop the self-awareness needed to identify their roadblocks. Through provision of guidance, support, and tools, therapy can set them on the path towards success.
If you are someone who could use therapeutic support in developing an intimate self-perspective, and you want to learn how I can help you to overcome various struggles in your life, take on the challenge to learn how I am “Daring You to Be YOU!” (No availability as of 6/01/2020)

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