People seek counseling for many reasons, and I believe an enhanced sense of understanding and acceptance is essential to developing a therapeutic relationship and lifelong changes. It is this relationship that will help one understand how past experiences have shaped the way we view ourselves, as well as how we understand and relate to others. Therapy can provide an opportunity for growth, self-discovery and insight in the context of a safe, supportive environment that I will provide. Each client is unique and presents with one’s own counseling needs and concerns.
I utilize an eclectic approach to therapy, as no one approach works best for everyone. With this principle in mind, I utilize integrative and evidenced-based interventions involving insight oriented, cognitive-behavioral, developmental, solution-focused and mind-body-spirit treatment modalities.
My role is to facilitate that process and partner with you on your journey, whatever that journey may be. Whether it is healing emotional wounds, enhancing life coping skills or simply for working on self-improvement, I am here to help guide your path. I look forward to helping address whatever counseling needs you may have.

Master of Education (M.Ed.), Mental Health Counselling/Lindsey University
Been in Practice Since