Accepting New Clients ! Online Therapy Available ! Weekend Appointments Available Upon Request. I take pride in helping all who are in need of psychotherapy and Pastoral Care, my Faith-Based approach coupled with fundamental psychology will help you in all endeavors of your pursuit for mental health as well as your spiritual health. I am also registered on the Global Clinical Practice Network ( GCPN ) of the World Health Organization (WHO) as a contributing Board Certified Pastoral Psychologist.
I can help you overcome your anxiety , depression, manic behaviors, feelings of mental weakness , low self esteem, and many other psychological and emotional concerns which is my ultimate goal. The more you put into it the more you get out of it .
My approach is heartfelt , compassionate and most of all understanding . Non-Judgemental is my motto , as we all have certain areas in we can improve , I also believe in stopping the stigma related to mental health , and faith based practices , Its ok to pray and have a therapist too !

Doctor of Philosophy PhD, Pastoral Counselling/United Theological Seminary
Been in Practice Since