2021 is your game-changer year! In this world, Black and Brown people experience trauma and oppression daily. This constant stress impacts the way you feel and causes anxiety or depression. You need support from someone who understands your cultural experiences. Now, you can have support from someone who appreciates your pain and suffering because they have had their own struggles to overcome. Well, you do not have to look any further. We would love to provide you the mental health support you need. Remember, we are providing services in Missouri, Illinois, and Texas. You belong here!
I’m Dr. Cal Spinks, a counselor educator, virtual mental health clinician, and wellness coach. I have been providing multi-cultural mental health services for over 20 years. Also, I’m the founder of Quantum Consulting Group. This group of therapists has specialized experience working with communities of color and sexual minority groups. You belong here!
Now, we can bring all our experience training counselors and providing counseling to you and your loved ones. With telehealth services, you can have therapy on your smartphone. Also, if you are a veteran, active military, or family and a MO, IL, or TX resident, you may be eligible for free services. Get your free consultation today! You belong here…

Ed.D Counselor Education and SupervisionGradeMagna Cum Laude/Argosy University Chicago
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