My practice specializes in helping clients actualize their personal goals. In my approach I attempt to empower clients to modify their thoughts and behaviors in ways that help them meet their particular goals. I also maintain sensitivity to a clients cultural background. I specialize in helping clients with relationship difficulties, anxiety/stress, depression, and impulsivity. I have extensive experience working with children with behavioral challenges and have developed a free app on managing bullying that is available in the apple itunes store (Hero App).
I utilize a culturally sensitive cognitive behavioral and solution focused approach to treatment. To get a better feel for my approach and presence I have produced a series of videos on selected mental health topics that can be viewed on my youtube channel at: www.youtube.com/user/drelligan
I am a father, husband, vegan, triathlete (1/2 Ironman) and a major proponent of the health benefits of regular cardio- vascular exercise, diet and meditation.

Fairleigh Dickinson University
Been in Practice Since