Whether you’re a millionaire or living under a bridge, everyday life situations can be a struggle. Daily coping skills are not a gift. Sometimes we need help and sometimes we need MORE help. I’ve been helping people for over 40 years and I’ve been counseling people for over 30 years. My time has been spent sharpening the skills of people all around the world. The training that I’ve received helps people become the best that they can be. Sometimes all we need is a little extra push or a nugget of information that will unlock the potential that has been hidden in us since the day of our birth.
Whether you’re having issues with your spouse, children, relatives, or just having issues relating to your own existence, I CAN HELP!! I have life tools and skills that will bring you out of ANY situation. I have solid information and extended wisdom that if followed, will perfect your path, renew your mind, and electrify your future.
The days of putting Band-Aids over bullet holes have come to an end! I’ll be your personal coach, providing you with the necessities you need to eliminate the issue at the root! I’ll create an attainable plan that will be life long and inheritable to your offspring. Imagine the things we have to look forward to! Give me a call; I’m here to serve you.

Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary
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