Faith-based Christian Counseling, Life Coaching, Marriage, Relationship Issues

I have more than 17 years of experience in providing marriage, family, and individual counseling. I work from a holistic approach that combines theology and psychology. I am persuaded that using this approach in counseling is essential in reaching desired outcomes. My primary goal is to facilitate insight for individuals struggling with various life issues or concerns. It is also my desire to assist individuals in the construction of healthy thinking and behavior conducive to healthy living. I am committed to using a collaborative approach in treatment planning. Clients are encouraged to assist in the development of desired goals.
I possess more than 14 years of experience in providing substance dependency/abuse treatment and education. In my work, I’ve had the privilege of developing what I deem as “Eight Essentials to Recovery.” I have since discovered that these essentials are shared principles of the 12-Step program as well as the Word of God (i.e., fundamentally spiritual).
I currently serve as an Associate Professor of Psychology at Southern University in New Orleans. Also, I have more than 12 years of experience in providing professional training and education in counseling skills and techniques in which are intentionally provided with context, ethnicity, background, culture, and location in mind.

Master of Arts, Marriage & Family Counseling/New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminar
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