In addition to mediating disputes between parties, I provide a variety of Coaching services that focus on issues or performance as a parent, relationship partner, employee etc… 1. All current and future sessions are Tele-Health, you must have an internet connection to receive services. 2. I no longer work with people who are currently or historically been under the care of a psychiatrist; 3. or with anyone who requires psychological testing; 4. or anyone who issue meets the medical necessity required for insurance reimbursement; & I no longer work with people under 20.
Do you want to see beyond the issues of your past, the circumstances of this moment or the unknown of your future? Know that none of this work will involve me solving: anger, relational or substance problems; weight loss or decision-making concerns for you. Instead, this work requires the active involvement of developing your SELF.
We will look at how systemic, familial and environmental conditions affect the choices that you make. If you are ready, I will be there. “Teaching you to differentiate between the sound of your intuition/spirit guiding you and your traumas misleading you.”

Master of Public Health - MPH/Everglades University
Been in Practice Since