Parenting-in-place is overwhelming. Trying to show up for your children when you’re also trying to manage your own fear, uncertainty, and losses is wearing you down. It’s exhausting trying to make sure everyone’s cups are full when your own gets emptier every day. You’re back at square one with things you were making progress on pre-Covid, and things that were a struggle before are now are in bolded, underlined and highlighted. Your kids’ restless and stressed-out behaviors are triggering in you the unhealthy relational patterns from your upbringing that you’ve been intentionally trying to leave behind.
You’re looking for a safe place to process it all and have some space held just for you for a change. You’re ready to find the calm in your own storm so that you can be the life preserver you’ve always wanted to be for your children. I’m here for you and I can help you get there.
Putting yourself last on the list, and neglecting your own needs leaves you feeling unhappy and disconnected. Just like your children, you deserve to feel safe, seen, soothed, and secure. You don’t have to power through your difficult feelings all alone. I can support residents of NY via virtual sessions. Visit www.brooklynparenttherapy.com to book a call.

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