I adhere to the philosophy that relationships are at the core of the human experience, yet there are times when healing can’t be done alone. My work is fundamentally relational. I help people overcome trauma, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues, with an understanding that these issues can overlap or involve additional problems impacting other areas of life. I am warm, relatable, active, and flexible, balancing exploratory work with directness. I have over 15 years of experience with a diverse body of clients. I divide my time between clinical work, teaching, and research.
My expertise includes relationship issues, betrayal trauma, racial identity issues, and mood disorders. I consider myself a relational-cultural therapist, which means my work emphasizes the perspective that individuals grow and heal in relationship with one another.
To achieve the client’s goals, I utilize principles of brief psychodynamic, interpersonal therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. In addition to providing individual therapy, family therapy, couples therapy, and parenting coaching, Dr. O offers clinical supervision services for Social Work practitioners. ** Providing Online Therapy in GA and NY state

SUNY Stony Brook University
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