As seen in Oprah Magazine, PopSugar, CBS TV, and several other major print and media publications, I am an interpersonal trauma therapist who specializes in helping Black generational curse-breaking women thrive after ongoing painful experiences such as mother-daughter trauma, toxic friendships, spiritual abuse, and past poverty. Interpersonal trauma manifests in many forms including as anxiety, depression, hyper vigilance, fear of abandonment, people pleasing, self-criticism, and difficulty regulating emotions.
Left unmanaged it can crush self-confidence, destroy faith in God, sabotage friendships and relationships, and stagnate career progression. I help my clients identify and confront the painful experiences that subconsciously prevent them from unlocking their fullest potentials and together we restore the parts of them paralyzed by trauma.
If you’re ready to become your best self, experience deeper levels of intimacy, security, and fulfillment in your faith, friendships, and relationships, achieve your professional goals, and break dysfunctional patterns, reach out today to schedule a consultation!

M.S.W., Clinical Social Work/Norfolk State University
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