For as long as he can remember, Elijah has been interested in understanding people, and learning about how our environments impact our actions. He has always wanted to be someone who could help people, both on a systematic and individual level, and he’s found his calling doing that work as a therapist. His approach is trauma-informed, feminist, and anti-racist, and he ties those perspectives in with therapeutic techniques such as mindfulness, transtheoretical work, and motivational interviewing.
Elijah explores the ways that trauma shows up in his client’s lives, and helps to build an understanding of these experiences with his clients. He works with his clients to help them navigate their lives and come to a fuller understanding of their intersecting identities.
With experience as a case manager, Elijah brings a wide variety of techniques and resources to the table, to meet his clients where they are. He is always learning from his clients, and continuing to seek out new resources to meet each individual’s unique needs.

Master`s degree, Social Work/ Temple University
Been in Practice Since