You’ve chosen the right time to take this meaningful step to here for the good of your relationship … and for yourself. Keep stepping forward. Whether for a start-up, a tune-up or a clean up … call me. At the core of a healthy marriage is a healthy couple. A healthy couple is the natural outgrowth of two healthy individuals, with a story to be embraced. I assist a diversity of couples in their intentional pursuit of a meaningful and sustainable lifetime relationship. Make the call.
You will work through a Matrix engaging 4 core questions: Who am I and where am I going? My story. Who are you and where are you going? Your story. Who are we and where are we going? Our story. What is our purposeful plan to create sustainable relational synergy for a lifetime? Our strategy.
I facilitate the Relationship Matrix with couples through a biblical framework. I am married to my best friend for 41 years! “Seeded” into us early: No Backdoors! Married for life. In my 25 years of journeying with couples, I’ve “re-seeded” the No Backdoors concept into their lives! I look forward to the privilege of investing in your relationship as well.

M.A. Biblical Studies/Dallas Theological Seminary
Been in Practice Since