I have a M.A. in Psychology with emphasis in Clinical from Texas Southern University. in Houston, Texas. I have a B.A. with honors in Psychology and complemented by a minor in Business. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor in Texas. I am also a National Certified Counselor (NCC).
I have particular expertise in counseling young people diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Adjustment Disorder, PTSD, Disruptive Behavior Disorders and Substance Abuse Disorders, Mood or Anxiety Disorders, people with relationship or self-esteem concerns, career and academic difficulties, and people with a history of trauma and abuse.
My theoretical orientation for counseling is a confluence of cognitive behavioral theory with a humanistic and client-centered approach. My approach involves collaboration between therapist and client, making the therapeutic venture a sharing of responsibility.

M.A.Clinical Psychology/Texas Southern University
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