Tired of just being tired and feeling hopeless, not sure if you can recover from your current pain, trauma from your past, isolation, lack of motivation and or a sense of lack of control? Are you wanting to talk to someone and not sure how to get the help you need? Are you not sure about one on one therapy and you may feel better being a part of a group? I understand and want to help you get your hope back with individual therapy or group therapy as I specialize in both. Please know you are not alone in your journey as I will walk with you and help you discover your path to freedom.
I help people identify the root to the underlying pain, fear, insecurity and lack of motivation. You know you want to change but just don’t know how and need someone beside you and guiding you to your true purpose. This is what I do. I simply walk beside you, helping you to discover your individual path.
My goal is to create a welcoming, inviting and trusting environment where one can feel safe enough to start working on creating the life they dreamed of having and to develop the skills necessary for personal growth.

MA, Counselling/University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Been in Practice Since