Life can be challenging but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. My specialty is in working with the effects of unresolved trauma, including anxiety and depression. I incorporate a mind/body treatment approach that combines body-centered psychotherapy, yoga, and mindfulness all based on an understanding of the neurobiology of trauma. My hope is that I can help each person who chooses to work with me to feel empowered – through the self-knowledge, clarity and skills gained in therapy – to become the conductor of their own journey rather than being at the mercy of past or present life circumstances.
My clients appreciate having a range of options depending on what they need in general, or from week to week. While focusing on specific goals, we may incorporate yoga breathing, stretching or strengthening, body awareness and self-regulation techniques from Somatic Experiencing, or distress tolerance skills from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.
Clients develop their own toolkit for working with life’s internal and external challenges. In this journey of life, we can make choices about how much we allow the past to define us. With understanding and the right toolkit of skills, you can learn to move confidently into the future. I’M SORRY, I’M NOT TAKING NEW CLIENTS AT THIS TIME.

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