I am a financial professional who later in life chose a career in academic research. I have worked in the corporate environment, specifically in financial services, so I understand the plight of corporate culture and the impact on stress. I focus strategies that are goal oriented and involve financial or career decision-making.
My financial therapy process combines the academic research of systems theory and biopsychosocial models to understand financial behavior. My approach emphasizes the use of motivational interviewing, an evidence-based technique for helping clients change by helping them to inspire and personally motivate themselves to make change.
Mental and physical wellness may be tied to financial wellness; individuals who experience stress based on the financial decisions they are making, or have made, can minimize stress by better understanding their financial health. I work with individuals on aspects of financial health, the emotional relationship with money, and alleviating the barriers poor

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA),Social Impact Management/Walden University
Been in Practice Since