You want a safe, confidential space to share your story with someone who listens and understands without judgment. I can help! You feel like your heart is broken. You’re feeling tired of pretending everything is fine. You’ve lost sight of who you are deep down and need to find your inner spark again. You feel like you can’t move forward because of things that have happened in the past, and you are fearful of the future. There’s so much in your head that you don’t even know where to start to find peace. You’re not even sure what you want except that it is not what you have right now.
Please know that you CAN find peace and hope again. You can feel confident in making plans for the future, discovering inner strength and confidence you had forgotten. My clients describe me as safe, healing, and practical in my approach. I offer you support, a solid plan, and I can hold hope for you until you can hold it for yourself. Let’s work together.
My training, professional experience, and personal life journey help me work with you on a deep level. We can do the work in my office or online. My approach is collaborative, safe, and firm but encouraging. You can book appointments on my website or call me to discuss. I see a bright future for you! Let’s get started!

Fuller Theological Seminary
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