People deal with trauma and change as they are, not as they would like to be. Working with people who have been impacted by trauma is important to me as a clinician. I am committed to using the therapeutic process to help people develop healthy coping skills in the wake of challenging experiences. I seek to provide safe and ethical care for clients of a variety of backgrounds with an emphasis on meeting the unique needs of Black, Indigenous, and people of color as well as people in various queer and transgender communities.
I specialize in motivational interviewing, mindfulness-based CBT, suicide assessment, and a strengths-based approach. I utilize these skills to create an environment in which people are better able to identify problems, identify their strengths, and change behaviors that are no longer useful for them.
Therapy is a journey that may begin with trying different providers to determine what best suits your unique needs. I encourage you to spend time getting comfortable with identifying what is more important for you. I utilize my treatment modalities and experience to help you develop more agency in the challenges of life.

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