*PRACTICE FULL* My practice is geared to assist individuals who, in their day to day lives, feel misunderstood, alienated or in other ways feel pressured to ascribe to interpersonal, social, familial or professional “norms” that are in contradiction to their unique personal needs or desires. By honoring each person’s individual truth in order to support them in moving forward in an authentic and long-lasting way. Through supported exploration of their past experiences my clients discover how their unique personal history, not only informs how they feel today, but also what they need to change in order to feel better tomorrow.
For some, counseling is an opportunity to explore overlapping and exquisitely complex parts of themselves. For others, it is an opportunity to address a specific issue which needs attention. But regardless of how we are socially positioned in life, each of us is impacted by the interpersonal, intrapersonal and systemic complexity of our society.
Anxiety, Attachment, Partnership Struggles, Depression, Empowerment, Gender Expression, LGBTQI Identity, Oppression, LGBTQI integration, Racial/ Ethnic identity, Parenting, Poverty & Classism, Race/ Ethnicity/Culture, Sexuality, Sexual Orientation and Trauma/PTSD

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology - Masters in Organizational Psychology
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