As a clinician, my aim is to integrate multiple frameworks and modalities to promote the healing and flourishing of marginalized communities. My extensive work experiences in clinical and community settings (since 2009) and faith communities (since 2014) shaped my deep passion for helping communities and individuals recover from trauma, especially in spaces of spiritual abuse and grief. I believe that my work is a collaborative effort to empower others in their own lives and healing journey. I believe in using strengths-based methodologies that holistically embrace individuals and communities in practice.
I believe that healing is an holistic experience and require multiple approaches to achieve wellness . I have working with a wide range of individuals and families. I specialize in a variety of treatment modalities and approaches including Trauma Formed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Brainspotting, Narrative Therapy, and Decolonial healing modalities.
I believe that there are many paths to wellness and recovery and the work of healing is a communal process. I believe that inside of us all are tools and practices to assist us to be our best selves that must be reclaimed and engaged. I hope that I can be a conduit for you to access your tools for healing.

Master of Social Work (M.S.W)/University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Been in Practice Since