For some of us life can bring some pretty significant challenges, stressors or transitions that just have “you stuck” in unproductive patterns in relationships, work, school or just life in general. You yearn for release-freedom from these unproductive repetitions; but where to turn? It takes courage to seek help and the task of finding the right person can be overwhelming. The thought of talking to someone who does not understand your cultural lens makes therapy seem “hardly worth the effort”. UNFORTUNATELY NO LONGER EXCEPTING CLIENTS AT THIS TIME.
My approach to therapy is holistic, results oriented and eclectic. I believe in empowering the individual by helping them to understand the challenges/barriers in their life that keeps them “stuck” and build from their strengths to develop coping skills so that they begin to experience a meaningful and fulfilling life.
I’ve been working in the field of Social Work for over 22 years focusing on multi-generational trauma in Communities of Color and providing culturally responsive treatment in the healing process. If you are seeking culturally responsive, confidential, professional and respectful therapy I am your person.

MSW, Social Work/ Portland State University
Been in Practice Since