I am a passionate mental health professional who has over four years of therapeutic experience. I specialize in young adults suffering with depression, anxiety and other mood disorders, mental health diagnoses in athletes and issues from family dynamics impacted by generational trauma. I have worked with individuals ages 3 to 60 and am capable of helping individuals of diverse backgrounds explore their journey to purpose and aid them with living a more fulfilling life. I have also dedicated my work in the mental health field to aid in bringing awareness to the importance of minority mental health, especially for young adults.
I love to help clients through transparency and a direct approach. I believe that my clients possess everything they need in order solve their problems and I am just here to help them explore those strengths and process traumas that may affect their ability to access them. I like to utilizes humanistic and emotionally focused approaches as well.
I believe it is important to connect with clients in unique ways this is why I pride myself on getting to know my clients deeply and understanding that they are the experts on their own issues. I see my work with clients as more of a collaboration and partnership where we are working together in my clients’ best interests.

M.S/Ed.S., Clinical Health Counselling/Florida State University
Been in Practice Since