Everyone needs someone to walk the journey of life with. Someone to remind them of their value and worth. Someone to help them process life in a safe space, someone to help guide them to live up to the fullest expression of who they were created to be. I am here to help you on this journey no matter where you are in this current moment.
I help individuals interrupt cycles of fear and shame so that they can own their story and step more powerfully into the authentic version of themselves. In meeting with clients at various turning points I discovered the root causes for most of my clients issues. As a result I developed a unique model that allows my clients to create lasting transformation.
Most of the challenges we face, find their root in 2 types of messages. Unconscious messages- messages that we received from our parents or primary caregivers. These messages became the foundation from which we make every decision. Lost childhood messages-messages we needed to hear but did not that become the central concern of life.

Dual Masters, Bible Counselling & Christian Education/Dallas Theological Seminary
Been in Practice Since