Do you have trust issues in your relationship? Afraid to be honest with your partner and tired of trying to be someone you’re not? Do you find yourself having regrets about a current or previous relationship? Do you have an inability to be intimate with your partner because of a past trauma or challenge? Contact me and we will talk about what you do, what you think, and how you feel about your challenges and together come up with a strategy for you to MOVE FORWARD! I also work remotely by spending time with clients via Skype or Zoom. If you have an interest in group therapy, you can visit http://www.drjameswadley.com/?page.
I am a marriage, family, and AASECT certified sexuality therapist as well as an addictions specialist (e.g., drugs, sex, gambling, etc). My clients include individuals and couples who struggle with entitlement, infidelity, codependency, parenting, self-esteem, trauma, compulsivity and sexual dysfunction issues that haven’t been resolved.
My time can be “flexed” to accommodate the client’s schedule. I also make special accommodations for high end clients with regard to time, location, and availability. I maintain a welcoming and affirming practice for LGBTQAI. I am the author of “The Lost and Found Box” which is a book about rediscovering happiness.

Doctor of Philosophy(Ph.D.), Human Sexuality Education/University of Pennsylvania
Been in Practice Since