Whether you are in a job that you find little meaning in, working up the corporate ladder and feeling deflated, adjusting to a new city, going through life’s changes this may be the time to explore ways in which you can realign your balance so that you can live a life of fulfilment and meaning.
My role is to provide a safe place for you to speak about your life experiences and beliefs in a non-judgmental environment. Together, we work to explore themes, patterns, behaviors, and thoughts that have developed over time through a systemic method. I specialize in CBT and existential therapy.
There is never a bad time to improve yourself. You have already done the first step of exploring ways in which you can better yourself by exploring your therapist options. Whether it is with us or another therapist I wish you the very best on your search.

M.S. in Mental Health Counseling from Manhattan College
Been in Practice Since