Are you struggling to find comfort while coping with depression? Do you have difficulty concentrating, an absence of motivation, changes in your appetite, heightened irritation, don’t feel you have a sense of purpose or a will to live life like you used to? Do you experience life living in a space where it’s hard to trust everyone? Is it hard for you to feel safe, because of a trauma you’ve experienced in the past? I can help with that.
Ja’Nisha operates from a CBT & TFCBT framework to serve individuals aspiring to find a source of comfort and peace yet are struggling with depression and trauma. Ja’Nisha believes that our beliefs are guided by experiences that help us shape and cope with life and continue into our adulthood as survival/coping mechanisms. Together we can change this.
I am passionate about helping my clients get to a place where they can feel happiness and peace again. Together, we can recognize these beliefs, change them, and ultimately change the way we live life through changing thoughts and behavior. We can change the world, one mind at a time. I am open to seeing teenagers (ages 14+) and adults.

University of Southern Mississippi – Masters, Counseling Psychology
Been in Practice Since