Do you want to learn how to turn your story of feeling depressed, anxious and overwhelmed to one of healing and transformation? Let’s journey together to change your “Why Me?” to “Wow Me!” I am passionate about supporting women across the lifespan in addressing the mental and emotional strain stemming from life transitions. From issues of identity and self-esteem building among teens, to relationships, career and belongingness in young adulthood and to the multifaceted transitions of motherhood. I am someone who gets it!
I use a holistic, person centered approach to treatment, integrating traditional psychotherapy with complementary practices for improved physical, mental and emotional well-being. You may experience yoga, dance, meditation, breath work, expressive art and aromatherapy as a part of your therapeutic experience to help you achieve a more balanced life.
My practice name, “Afya”, is Swahili for complete wellness. Call or email me for your 15 minute phone consultation to plan how we can partner in this healing journey. 10/1/17 Now scheduling walk and talk therapy sessions.Contact me for more details.

Master of Social Work (MSW), Public Health/Morgan State University
Been in Practice Since