You’re a strong and successful working individual who puts in hard work into getting to get to or maintain your successful endeavors! Everyone looks up to you- you are resilient, go-getter and just badass at absolutely everything you do! This makes you feel amazing! However, at times you feel overwhelmed with pressure with the expectations of society or your immediate circle, feel deeply saddened behind closed doors and sometimes super anxious and need someone outside of your circle to share these hindering feelings.
I offer various forms of clinical interventions. I focus on the client’s needs and prefer to individualize She/her or their treatment plan. Once the person seeking support from me discusses their presenting concerns, we can talk about different effective interventions that would match their presenting concern.
I am currently booked at this time. If you wish to meet with my intern or be on a waiting list for future availability, please email: [email protected]. Please use WAITING LIST or INTERN as the email subject and provide the name of your insurance to ensure it is accepted. Thank you.

MSW Social Work/Syracuse University
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