Through my clinical experience I have noticed that societal pressures, peer pressure and unhealthy dynamics with others in the home, community and school settings have caused youth to rebel, often both internally and externally. Consequences of these behaviors can lead to impaired critical thinking skills, irregulated emotions and a lack of optimism of one’s ability to overcome barriers to a successful future. I utilizes therapeutic interventions to empower clients and encourage them to recognize their untapped potential.
I have knowledge and experience working with youth and young adults in various of settings. These settings include school, home, community, groups homes, residential centers and juvenile detention centers. I specialize in providing individual and family therapy for client’s between the ages of 8-21.
Youth therapy is a collaborative process where all parties who want to be involved in the therapy process will work together on developing a individualized plan to help the youth work through their emotional or behavioral problems.

The Ohio State University
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