Much of my work is done with clients who are looking to grow from the many unfortunate events that have happened in their lives. I do believe that traumatic situations can destroy a person if they remain a victim. But if they are willing to do the hard work of turning that pain into power, then their situation didn’t occur in vain. That is why I am both analytical and an action oriented and caring therapist.
As a therapist who works with both individuals and couples, I provide practical suggestions, empowering techniques and dynamic interaction to my therapy approach. I conduct every therapy session as it it were the first and last so that something significant is gained from every session.
Since I do a lot of television and media work I have gained the valuable skill of being able to make powerful breakthroughs in a manner that does not feel rushed. I also do Skype therapy and can offer this service at an hour, day or night.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Psychology/University of Rochester
Been in Practice Since
Price Range
$200.00 to $260.00