My practice has a special focus on women of color and their relationships with their children, partners and families. I look forward to working with those who are motivated to explore, express, understand and love themselves while creating positive life changes. Sometimes our past continues to impact our present life. Other times life creates conflict and tension for us and our families. For BIPOC there’s the stress of navigating racial bias, discrimination and racism in our world. And of course, intergenerational trauma adds other challenges to our healing journey. I feel honored to walk this path with you!
I use a variety of eclectic techniques tailored to each client. My holistic focus is on your development of coping skills, confidence, self-love & sharp intuition! Some may prefer traditional talk therapy while others are open to exploring & expressing their issues in other ways. I also provide clinical supervision for LMHC’s & mental health assessments.
Successful therapy brings about positive changes in one’s life. You’ve already taken the first step toward change. I’m looking forward to supporting you unconditionally through this amazing process. Are you ready to become your best self and release past burdens that hold you back from the abundance of life that you deserve?

University of Illinois at Chicago
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