Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, confused, unaccepted, sad and/or unaccomplished? Has life become unmanageable? I help clients develop coping skills to manage the relationship instabilities, focusing limitations, intrusive thoughts, emotional/physical pain, sleep difficulties, lack of progress/motivation, and other concerns due to anxiety and depression.
I strive to bring an effective blend of experience, connectedness, expertise, support, empathy, and responsibility to the counseling process in order to maximize outcomes and provide genuine healing and wholeness. My passion is providing nonjudgmental support to help you reach overall wellness.
Are you ready to begin your journey to wellness? Let’s work together to bridge the gap between the stigma of mental health care and overall wellness. With one call the journey starts now with counseling as unique as you!

Mental Health Counseling Certification /Counseling Psychology/Capella University
Been in Practice Since