I support families, couples and individuals nurture the capacity for honest self reflection, discovery, discernment and change. Beyond the initial reason for engaging in therapy, I often work with people and their loved ones to explore the underlying patterns in behaviors, relationships and life engagement that hinder growth, satisfaction and peace. Together we create an environment where you can safely address the situations, challenges, and often pain that brought you and your family to counseling while learning skills, tools, techniques and approaches to support you and your family outside of therapy.
My previous work as a family therapist within a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy partial-hospitalization program, and perinatal counselor within a Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy agency allows me to support families, couples and clients with a wide range of evidence-based skills and practices.
I strive to honor the sensitivity and uniqueness of each individual while we work together to make positive shifts. This means it is my responsibility to maintain a safe and compassionate approach to each therapy session. Please reach out if you have questions or are interested in further discussing your needs. Your communication is valued and appreciated.

City University of Seattle MA Counseling Psychology
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