Are you someone who takes care of everybody else? Do you often find yourself drained and depleted when you take care of others? Are you a person who says yes to everything even when deep down inside you should have said no, but you feel guilty because a part of your identity is to serve others. The number one question is, who is taking care of you? At this point you may feel persistent, sadness, stress or anxiousness. Speaking with friends and family is not helping because they just do not understand. You are now dealing with a pile of shame, guilt, and doubt.
My role as a therapist is to guide you into learning how to consciously identify patterns or blocks that will hinders us during our journey in life. In the therapy process there is no single prescription that will heal all invisible wounds. The therapeutic process is tailored to your specific individual needs.
As a wounded healer who has experienced domestic violence and childhood trauma. I understand how difficult it is to find the right therapist and to be vulnerable to a complete stranger. It is essential to me that clients are connected with the right therapist, therefore if I’m not the right fit I have a referral source to connect you to the right therapist.

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