My purpose is to help people heal from experiences of low-self worth, toxic relationships, and childhood trauma. So that they can receive the joy, abundance, and the love they deserve. When client’s first begin working with me they have this nagging feeling that something needs to change. Whatever they have been doing in the past is no longer serving them. Initially when clients first reach out, they are anxious about sharing what is going on in their world. My clients are used to being the “strong friend” or are perceived as having it all together or being the “therapist” in their friend group.
I guide clients through the (sometimes challenging) process of unlocking their emotions and developing healthy coping skills and boundaries. I know from my own mental health journey, and counseling others that developing healthy coping skills and boundaries can be daunting.
If you are the person who finds themselves putting their needs on the back burner, but showing up for others, therapy is a place where you can make yourself the priority. Services are online and accessible by phone, laptop, or tablet.

Master of Education (M.Ed.), School Guidance Counselling/Cambridge University
Been in Practice Since