JSM Therapeutic Options is a mental health practice in Baltimore County,Md. Our practice has provided mental health services to individuals and families since 2014. JSM offers an eclectic approach with therapeutic practices in a nurturing, healing and learning environment. Our team aims to empower individuals and families (14+) who struggle with symptoms of anxiety/depression, stress, grief, trauma, generational trauma and ADHD by providing access to evidence-based treatment.
We believe that a person seeks therapy when they can no longer manage feelings, thoughts and behaviors that are disrupting their lives. Our approach with each client is to see them as an individual with an assortment of social, spiritual, cultural, physical, and emotional experiences that can be explored to identify the source(s) of disruption.
Sometimes having a range of feelings, thoughts and behaviors can be overwhelming and we at JSM Therapeutic Options are here to help you sort them out. We are compassionate, nonjudgemental, goal-oriented clinicians that want to help you reach the results that are important to you.

Masters Social Work/ University of Maryland School of Social Work
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